Wednesday, 16 February 2011

My First Entry

The house is quiet now. Everybody is asleep. Macbook reclaimed from Dinosaur and his sisters. Right, lets get on with this blogging business. Seems pretty daunting. Where do I start?

The reason this blog is set up is to record my crafting activities,  mainly bag-making. But I can already foresee, with me being me, some of my posts will digress to anecdotes about the antics of the Dinosaur and his posse.  I won't lie - some of these posts will even be of the rantings-of-a-frazzled-mother kind but I will do my best to keep this to a minimum. (Frazzled is one of my favourite words these days. Wonder why?)

Going "monster" hunting

Why Sarah & Hannah?

First, apologies to my bank manager who kept thinking that the business is a partnership. Also those on Folksy forum who has been calling me Sarah. It's not my attention to confuse anyone. Honest!

Maybe I should start by introducing you to my kids. Sarah's nine going on twenty. She is sweet, sensible, practical and thoughtful. Hannah's six and just recently has proclaimed, "I'm not into princesses anymore." Hannah has a dry sense of humour, can be temperamental and very fashion-conscious. The Dinosaur a.k.a. Dino-boy is two and currently thinks he is part shark, part dinosaur and part chimp. He is also an expert monster catcher . 

A few months ago, the girls and I sat down and had a brainstorming session to decide on the name of the label. We ended up with an informal business plan. They could not, however, decide on the kind of bags I should be making. Interestingly, their ideas reflected their personalities.

Sarah's idea:
Sweet Sarah - oilcloth bags which are practical, not fussy in design, feminine colours but not overly bright

Hannah's idea:
Hannah Banana - vibrant colours, quilt-weight and furnishing cotton, more adventurous in design

Why can't we have both, I said (partly to diffuse the tension building in the air)? Lets name it Sarah & Hannah and the bags would fit into either of these two ranges, though some will have elements of both. Each bag will need the girls' seal of approval before I could put it on sale.

But what about the Dino-boy, you might ask? Well, he will occasionally make an appearance in the form of the Cheeky Monkey (Cheeky Dinosaur doesn't quite have that nice ring to it) - simple totes and drawstring gym bags in funky, kiddie cotton. 

Lin x

p.s. Sorry for rambling on for a bit. Will do better next time. I promise that the next entry will be more about bags!


  1. A great and fun read, looking forward to the next one. Linda

  2. Very promising blog! Don't forget to put on a link to your Folksy shop - it's great!

  3. Thanks Linda and Averilpam. I have followed your blogs too :D