Friday, 18 February 2011

My First Folksy Friday

Every week, I look forward to Thursdays. Sewing group day! It's held at my fabulous local children's centre and has free creche. For two Dino-free hours, I could put my feet up, take my time to drink my coffee, have a good natter with other moms and, of course, do a bit of uninterrupted sewing if I'm so inclined. 

Had to miss it this week because we had our first check-up with a new dentist. It's Dino-boy's 2nd proper check-up and he's been practising all night (open mouth, show teeth but do not roar). He climbed onto the seat himself, sat still throughout and his teeth were declared perfect. We were so proud of him! 

So, in honour of his bravery and fantastic dental hygiene, my first Folksy Friday is on ... DINOSAURS! Roarrr!!! 
(Click on the picture to go to the Folksy shops they come from)


  1. Thank you so much for featuring my bangle :] I love dinosaurs and dental hygiene!

    Lovely picks :] x

  2. Love dinosaurs! Love the blog!
    Eilidh x

  3. Thanks you two. Have followed your blogs, will leave comments there later :D. Thumb -typing on iPhone driving me crazy :)
    Lin x

  4. What a lovely and very cute selection. Linda

  5. Your 1st Folksy Friday is terrific!

  6. great blog kak lin! wow how awesome that your children centre has a sewing group with a creche! does everyone bring their sewing machine, or do you hand sew?i look forward to thursdays too (sometimes fridays like tonight) for my knitting group. but my sweet husband is the creche!

  7. Jurassic Fantastic! Lovely blog! Big fan of all things pre-history, even the knitted and felt created versions! Probably because I am a bit of a fossil myself!

    Natalie x

  8. fantastic choices! The crochet dinosaurs are great :o)

  9. cute collection! thanks for including KuDum dinos... grrr
    that reminds me - have to go to dentist myself, unfortunately i'm not as brave as your lil' man